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Uncover Saigon’s Best Vegan Hotspots: From Delicious Street Food to Fine Dining

Did you know that Saigon is a vegan haven? The city has seen a rise in vegan restaurants, offering a delicious variety of plant-based dishes that cater to both locals and tourists. It is a busy city in Vietnam known for its lively street food culture and rich culinary history.


Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just curious about trying something new, Saigon’s vegan food scene has something for everyone. From traditional Vietnamese dishes with a vegan twist to creative fusion cuisine, these restaurants are changing the food scene.


Let’s explore some of the best plant-based spots in Saigon that are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.


Saigon offers a variety of activities. One of our favourite experiences was visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels. To avoid the crowds, we booked a tour with Joy Journeys, which was less crowded and fantastic! There were only three of us, making it feel almost like a private tour. The guide was amazing, and it was one of the best things we did in Vietnam.


Another must-see in Saigon is the Ben Thanh Market, where you can find amazing souvenirs. The most important museum to visit is the War Remnants Museum. It is truly touching and shows the real suffering caused by the war.


For a fun activity, send a postcard from the Saigon Central Post Office. It’s a unique way to remember your trip!


We stayed at the Fusion Original Saigon Centre Hotel and loved everything about it. When we return to Saigon, we will definitely stay here again. The location is great, with almost everything within walking distance, and the rooms are stylishly decorated.


Most of the rooms offer a great view, but the best view is from the breakfast restaurant. For breakfast, you can enjoy vegan chia pudding and fruits, and they also offer coffee with plant-based milk. There is a big pool with a view, but our favourite part of this hotel was the staff. You can check the availability here.



Vegan food in Saigon has become remarkably popular, reflecting the city’s dynamic culinary scene and its embrace of diverse dietary preferences. Saigon offers a wide range of vegan options, from traditional Vietnamese dishes to international cuisines.


Many restaurants and cafes have adapted classic Vietnamese recipes to be entirely plant-based, including pho, banh mi, and spring rolls.

Shamballa Vegetarian, Restaurant & Lounge – Sai Gon

We visited this restaurant chain in Hoi An and loved it so much that we decided to visit it in Saigon as well. The food was amazing, and it truly is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Vietnam. While not all dishes are vegan, most of them are.


The menu is extensive, offering delicious Vietnamese dishes. We tried the Shamballa crispy mushrooms, which were amazing. We also ordered pho rolls and a pho. Pho is an herbal broth with traditional Vietnamese noodles, mushrooms, tofu, and some veggies.


Be An Vegetarian Café

This was our favourite vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, offering a mostly vegan menu. The ambiance is beautiful, but the food was even better. You can find many traditional dishes on their menu.


We tried noodles with mushrooms, different soups, and of course, spring rolls. Our favourite, however, was their mango passionfruit smoothie.

Vị Quê Kitchen vegan Saigon

This restaurant in Saigon prepares wholesome vegan meals, creatively combining flavours from the North, Central, and South of Vietnam. You can also find some fusion dishes with Western influences on their menu.


We tried their square spring rolls, which were very good! They offer hot pot, noodles, salads, noodle soups, and much more. Their menu is extensive, and the ambiance of the restaurant is pleasant.

Hum, Cafe & Restaurant – Saigon

Hum, Cafe & Restaurant in Saigon stands out with its unique architecture and cozy, elegant, and calming interior. According to their website, they are ranked 10th among the top 25 vegetarian restaurants worldwide.


While not all dishes are vegan, most of them are. Our favourite from their menu was the oyster mushrooms in trio-spice sauce steamed in a lotus leaf. Their drinks menu is also amazing, offering unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.


Bến Thành Street Food Market – vegan options in Saigon

Bến Thành Street Food Market offers a variety of Vietnamese and international food options. It can get quite crowded in the evenings and especially on weekends, making it challenging to find a seat, but the atmosphere is vibrant.


There are some plant-based options available; we ordered baozi and vegan dumplings.

Like Coffee- Banh mi

If you get hungry while visiting the famous Bui Vien Walking Street, stop by this café offering banh mi, coffee, juice, and smoothies.


We ordered their vegan banh mi, which was a great and affordable dinner option in the area. You can also enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie with your banh mi.

Heal and Celeb Vegan Restaurant Thuần Chay

Heal and Celeb Vegan Restaurant Thuần Chay is a vegan restaurant in Saigon. The money they make goes to Diviners Ashram, which offers free meditation programs and consciousness-elevating festivals.


They have delicious breakfast options like smoothie bowls. For lunch and dinner, you can choose from many traditional Vietnamese dishes made vegan. The food is delicious.

Veggie Saigon Restaurant (Vietnamese and Thai vegan)

The vegan Veggie Saigon Restaurant offers a mixed vegan menu featuring Vietnamese dishes like banh mi, pho, and spring rolls, along with Thai classics like pad Thai, fried rice, and curry.


Many plant-based restaurants in Saigon focus on organic ingredients and sustainable practices, attracting health-conscious consumers and those concerned about the environmental impact of their food choices.

Saigon’s vegan food scene is diverse and rapidly evolving, offering a wealth of options for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re looking for traditional Vietnamese plant-based dishes, modern culinary creations, or vibrant street food, Saigon has something to satisfy every vegan palate.

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